Teachers Training

Teacher Training Workshops
Heritage Education and Communication Service conducts teacher-training workshops across the country

  • To spread the importance of heritage in education
  • To set up Heritage Clubs in schools

Till date HECS has conducted workshops in 102 cities

  • 3000 Heritage Clubs
  • 5000 Teachers Trained
  • Outreach of 2,50,000 Heritage Club Members

Each teacher training workshop is conducted over a period of two days and aims to impart elementary training skills to teachers to enable them to initiate heritage education programmes in their schools by setting up Heritage Clubs for approximately 30 students. Teachers from both government and private schools attend the workshop. The workshop is generally attended by middle-school teachers teaching social sciences but also includes teachers of different disciplines, giving the workshop a multidisciplinary approach and integrating heritage awareness with a number of disciplines. The training includes awareness of local heritage and awareness through heritage walks. It also elaborates on heritage cub activities. It is linked with middle school syllabi for History, Geography, Science and also creative disciplines. It can also be linked with tourism and hospitality studies and well as culture studies and the discipline of museology. The methodology adopted for conducting the workshop includes a practical and interactive module whereby Power Point presentations are shown to the participants, following which a talk is given to them. Discussion and group activities are also part of the module. Teachers are asked to share their views and participate in a group activity, following which they present their heritage education modules.